April 2 2018In collaboration with FORM the Cosan

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first_imgApril 2, 2018In collaboration with FORM, the Cosanti Foundation has hired a team to work on repairing the Valetta pond Dam and both the high road, which leads from the Minds Garden down to Camp and the Valetta pond, and low road which leads from the Visitor Parking lot down to the Guest Rooms. These rocky roads are receiving much needed love and grading!The dam, which prevents the agricultural fields from flooding, was partially destroyed in a flash flood a few years ago.Now the dam is in the process of getting repaired!The brush on the field in front the dam is being scrubbed, and in addition to this, the high road and the low road were both re-engineered and drainage culverts were installed, much to the joy of residents and drivers alike. Check out their progress: (photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Rebecca Weeks)last_img

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